Does it work?

Yes. I’ve cooked hundreds of meals using my car and only ruined a couple. That’s better than my success rate in an oven.


How does it work?

You wrap up your food securely in tinfoil, add it to the engine and then drive for the suggested time. The heat produced by the engine cooks your food. The first recipe in the book is the shortest and the last one in the book is the longest, so you can easily pick your recipe depending on your journey.


But why bother?

Lots of reasons. It's much cheaper than eating at a service station. It has green credentials, because if you are going to be driving anyway, then you may as well cook using this otherwise wasted heat source, rather than using more energy to heat your food when arriving at your destination. It is also fantastically fun!!


Surely it tastes of engine fumes?

No, it doesn’t. You double wrap your food in tinfoil and this protects it from any fumes sitting on the engine. Most of the fumes go out of the exhaust anyway so there aren’t many fumes at all. 


Will the book arrive before Christmas?

Yes, it will. The first expected delivery will be on the 15th of December.


Is it perfect as a Christmas present?

We think so!